Saturday, June 25, 2016

Planting Day #13 - Finished!

After spending the morning at Green Island, I made it down to the Big Garden in the late afternoon. It  was fairly warm - for me at least - working in the sunshine. But I did manage to get the first 4 Mignon Single dahlias planted. Then we returned after dinner. Everything got a good watering and then I went back to planting. I got the other 8 Mignon Single dahlias settled in. I think these guys will form a pretty little hedge against the fence. I am also anxious to compare their tuber production. In past years I have always grown them in pots, so it will be interesting to compare their tuber production from past years with them planted in the ground this year.

I have  2 "FV Dainty" pink and yellow

And I have 6 "Stillwater Plum" in purple.

Between the Mignon dahlias and the quinoa, I set in the 5 "Lemon" cucumber plants that I stared from seed. These guys were more than ready to get in the ground. I am sure, now that they are planted, they will green up a bit and take off in their growth.

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