Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First Dahlias In the Ground - Day #1

"AC Golden Nickles" yellow stellar form

After a few delays, we made it down to the Big Garden last night around 7:15. We brought down the first 14 dahlias and got them planted in the ground. It feels so good to be started. Last year I didn't get the first dahlias settled in until July 14th and the year before it was June 15th. So I am literally off to my best start in years. It was another hot day and humid night and truthfully I was glad we hadn't brought down any more to plant then the 14. This heat wave is suppose to break by Wednesday and we will have much more pleasant planting weather ahead.

1 comment:

icebear said...

i look forward to those blooms every year, luckily i get to be spoiled and you do all the work ;)