Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's Poppy Time Here

As the oriental poppies finish up for the year, our other poppies in the flower beds are just beginning to bloom. Right now the "Lauren Springer Grape" volunteer poppy plants are just beautiful. They have happily seeded all over the west end flower beds.

The are such a lovely shade of grape-purple with each petal having a black eye.

While each bloom only lasts 2-3 days, the plants are covered with buds. And even after the petals drop the seed pods are visually interesting as well.

A first-time bloomer for us this year are our two yellow horned poppy plants. We purchased them last year but got them planted very late. Thankfully one of them survived and was actually two plants in one pot. It has grown happily this Spring and is now treating us to one bold yellow bloom almost every day. 

Also just beginning to bloom are the volunteer red poppies. We are no longer sure of the variety name but I do know this is one loud poppy! Each scarlet bloom is packed with fringed petals except for the outermost petals which are smooth and rounded. We will soon have a large section of the sunset flowerbed a-blaze with these beauties.

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