Friday, June 3, 2016

Back to Garden Set-up

After dinner, I headed back down to the Big Garden to resume laying out the dahlia rows. I last worked on this project last weekend but took a break from it due to a very sore lower back and other gardening tasks that became a priority. I managed to complete another 5 rows tonight, for a total of 13 rows completed. The end is in sight!

As I was leaving the garden, I notices that the hairy vetch that climbs up Dorothy's rose had begun to bloom. I think the hot pink rose and the purple vetch are such a pretty color combination.

As I headed homeward, I pasted this little guy on the road. Another reminder, as if I needed one, on why I really should put up the rabbit fence in the Big Garden this year. It is so inconvenient to have up, but it would be much worse to loose a bunch of dahlias to the rabbits like I did last year.

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