Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planting - Day #7

"Irish Glow" Pom Red

I had a really nice night down working in the garden. As I was driving home, the outside temperature was holding steady at 79 degrees. It has been so long since it was that cool and boy did it make planting in the garden pleasant tonight. I had a running head start with the 12 holes that we dug Monday night. I ended up getting another 20 dahlias in the ground. The only downside was I discovered the first rabbit damage. Fortunately, they haven't touched any of the planted dahlias but they nibbled pretty hard on 4 of the potted dahlias. So I need to think of a game plan as I plant the rest in the coming week. After tonight, I have a total of 106/208 dahlia planted, or 50.9%. Just over 1/2 way done - woo-hoo!

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