Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More Watermelon Weather

Today was day one of a 3-4 day heat wave that is hitting our area.We topped out at 100 degrees today and the next few days are suppose to be even hotter. This of coarse means lots of watering every evening after work.

As hard as this weather is on most people and plants, there are a few plants that really thrive in the heat. Among them are watermelon. I have to say my three "Blacktail Mountain" melons are growing like mad right now. I swear the vines are putting on an addition 2-3 inches a day and they have started setting baby watermelon in the last week. Today I added wooden boards underneath the small developing melons to protect them from moisture. I counted 5 melon and the vines are just covered with blooms and new growth. I am going to continue with my every-other-night organic liquid fish fertilizer program. The plants look really healthy. There is no signs of the curling leaves and stunted growth that I experienced last year. If there ever was a year I should be able to grow a successful watermelon, it would be this one.


Barb said...

There has to be something good about this nasty weather. 94 in Seattle today.

Daphne Gould said...

Good luck with those watermelons. We are getting bad heat too. I can't wait for our heat wave to break, which doesn't look like it will happen until Wednesday.

Mindy said...

Yeehaw, that's exciting!