Saturday, July 25, 2015

Planting - Day #10

"Alden Snowlodge" Miniature Cactus White

Today was a really pleasant day to work hard down in the Big Garden. It only hit a high of 75 degrees and was mostly overcast. That's my kind of weather! So we had two separate planting shifts today. One was in the morning and the other after dinner. We began the day by hauling down another three rows worth of potted dahlias. I had moved all of the potted days into the garage Thursday night because the bunnies had begun munching on them and I didn't want to loose anymore plants before I was able to get them moved down to the garden. Once we got the pots unloaded and placed, I planted another 14. Then in the evening we returned and got another 13 settled in for a total of 27 planted today. I now have 158/208 planted which is 75.9%. Over 3/4 completed!

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Barb said...

So happy you are making progress,the heat is due back here by mid-week.