Monday, July 6, 2015

An Unexpected Harvest

The star if this Spring has been my "Heirloom Cutting Lettuce". It has produced and produced, while the temperatures have climbed and climbed. Finally, this last week, with triple digit highs, the plants began to bolt. I was able to take one last, large cutting and then pulled the plants.

I also had a fun surprise harvest this past week. I was cleaning out my potato grow bag. I harvested from it last year, but didn't replant any potatoes this year. I wanted to use the space in the garden for something else, so I first emptied the bag of all of its dirt. Much to my surprise, there was a small crop of potatoes growing once again. I felt bad, because I haven't watered them at all but they still persevered. There are a few that grew big enough to eat and I might save the rest to use as seed potatoes for next year.

Not bad for a completely neglected crop!

My third and final harvest of the week was the rest of my garlic scapes.  As you can see in the picture below, the scapes had mostly straightened out and looked like a row of exotic birds to me. So I cut off the remaining scapes, washed them off, cut them up, and stowed them away in the freezer for later use when I have more time. So this week's total harvest consists of:
  • "Heirloom Cutting Lettuce" - 10.7 oz
  • "Dark Red Norland" Potatoes - 2 lbs. 4.2 oz
  • "Chesnook Red" & "Russian Red" Garlic Scapes - 12.9 oz.


Daphne Gould said...

I love those harvests that you don't have to work for. This year I got a nice crop of volunteer lettuce. And I always get dill. Of course dill makes me work for it as I have to weed out all the excess. And there is so much excess.

Margaret said...

Lettuce is such a great crop - which I think often surprises people. I was definitely surprised at the pounds of lettuce that came out of my first small patch.

Those potatoes look great - So many people say that they continue to dig up tubers when they are prepping the bed the following year - now that's my kind of surprise!

Barb said...

In the "good old days" with nice temperate summers, I could get lettuce all summer at the local farmer's market, probably not this year.