Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruffed Grouse

Last week I was driving along our long, gravel driveway when I spotted two birds in the road. At first I thought that they were quail. As I drove closer, it quickly became clear that they were much too large to be quail. A Ruffed Grouse! We have never seen grouse on our property before. I saw the pair once more after the initial sighting and then I have seen the single female two more times. Finally tonight I had my camera. She has appeared in the exact same location each time that I have seen her. I think that she has built a nest right next to the road in the blackberries. The Oregon Fish & Wildlife website states that Ruffed Grouse like edges "edges of meadows, edges of clearcuts, and edges where brushy growth meets timber. They also like variety in their food and a dense thicket nearby for escape." This describes the habitat when my female is living.

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