Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Dahlia Bloom & Morning Glories

When I was down watering my dahlia garden this morning a bit of color caught my eye. The first open bloom in the big garden! This is a bloom of "Sean C" a purple and white collarette form. I have grown this variety for many ,many years. It is great as an accent in bouquets and is a really good tuber maker. There are always extra to share. I am starting to see a lot of buds on my dahlia plants, so this should be the first bloom of many to come in the next few weeks.

It was also nice to be able to see my morning glories down in this garden. During the weekdays I only see the closed, spent blooms at the end of each day. Only on the weekends do I get to enjoy their beauty. Today I discovered I have at least three different varieties that have germinated from fallen seed from last year's plants. First off, I have the hot pink "Crimson Rambler".

I was really excited to discover that I have at least one plant of "Dawn Star". This is such a beautiful lavender/blue bloom with a dark purple star. It arrived in my garden as a mis-marked garden center plant and I have been glad to have it ever since.

My final bloomer this morning is "Milky Way", white with a deep purple star. It will be fun to watch the rest of the volunteer plants and see if I get any more new varieties.

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