Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Peony Blooms

Our one and only peony is in full bloom today.

It's not a huge plant, but it does have seven main blooms along with a few side blooms this year. It is also the only peony that I have ever grown that has yet to get botrytis blight. For that alone it deserves a gold metal!

We don't know the variety name of this one. It has big, ruffled, fully double blooms in hot pink and white. Definitely a feminine bloom if there ever was one.

One blessing of our cooler, overcast weather the last 5 days has been that all of the flower blooms are lasting longer, and the peony is no exception. That is especially nice, because when you wait an entire year to enjoy such a lovely bloom you hate for it to be over in a just matter of days.

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