Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beginning to Plant the Summer Kitchen Garden

I worked outside today from 10-2 with just a quick break for lunch. The sky was dark and threatening all day but I was lucky to only encounter a few, quick rain showers. My goal for the day was to plant all of my vegetable purchases from the last two weeks.

I began by planting my four pepper plants. I purchased two more grow bags at Down to Earth, to join the two I already had from Gardener's Supply. The new bags are slightly smaller than I would like, but they have handles on them which will be great if I want to easily move the plants this Summer. I set in 2 "Padron" peppers and one each of "Cute Stuff Gold" and "Yellow Sparkler".

Next to them I planted out four "Snow Crown" cauliflower. These poor plants have been languishing in the garage for far too long and are looking a little worse for wear right now. I am hoping now that they are planted, they will bounce right back.

Thankfully their growing tips are just fine. Once I got them all settled in I put a remay tunnel over the four plants. I want to help protect them from both the finches and any rabbit that might finds its way into the garden. I learned my lesson last year how much the bunnies love cauliflower!

I spend an hour on Saturday afternoon thinning out the Morning Glory seedlings. Looking at this picture your really can't tell but I honestly pulled up handful and handful of them. I know I still left way to many but I can always do a second thinning in a few weeks. This will allow me to see what plants are the strongest. Plus I do always want to save enough plants so that I am guaranteed - I hope - to have saved an equal amount of both the purple and the pink bloomers.

I set up my tomato cages and have room this year for 7 plants. I have purchased 6 so far, so I can keep an eye out for one more that I need. From left to right "Wapsipinicon Peach", "Galina", and "Chef's Choice Orange".

And completing the row, from left to right; " Heavenly Blue" morning glory and the tomatoes "Tang", Carmello", and "Black Krim".

I took the remay cover off of my onions top give them a good watering in. Here are 4 of my "Pontiac" yellow storage onions.

The garlic is really doing well this year for which I am thankful. I planted the cloves so late and I was worried about how the plants would react and grow. So far they haven't seemed to miss a beat, though final bulb size will be the real indicator of production. Pictures above, "Chesnook Red".

Further down the row I have my "Music" garlic plants. These were the last to sprout and have been smaller than the "Chesnook Red" all Winter and Spring. But it appears like they have almost caught up to them in size now.

The Kitchen Garden in late Spring. Still lots of protective remay at this point to protect the young plants from birds and late cold snaps. But it won't be too much longer before the tunnels will come off. In the next week or two I will plant my dry pole beans, pull out the salad greens, and set in the winter squash plants. Then this garden will be all ready for Summer.

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