Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Color

Since the rains finally returned in late October, we are starting to see some decent Fall color here and there. The Big Leaf Maples have a bit of color now, after getting fairly stressed last month. They aren't too pretty up close, but from afar the browns and oranges are nice.

Our little Ginko bush has put on a nice display. That's what faithful hand watering will do for you!

I always forget what pretty Fall color the Witch Hazel plants have. This is the red Witch Hazel by the front steps. After the first frost we need to move it to a better location where it will have more room to grow.

Each leaf has all of the colors of Fall.

The three Sweet Gum trees are also doing well.

It is interesting that the leaves on the far right tree are turning a strong purple/red color while the leaves on the other two trees are turning red/orange.

It is so nice to finally see some lovely colors in the leaves. It wouldn't be Fall without colorful leaves, mild days, and cool nights.

I also discover a few other bits of color walking around the property. Scarlet certainly jumps out against the muted brown tones of Fall. Pictured above, one last wild blackberry hanging on the vine. Below, a spray of wild rose hips in the hedgerow.

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