Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tuber Digging - Weekend #4

A sunny but COLD day to work in the garden. The reported high was only 44 degrees. There was a fairly constant, nasty little wind that made things feel much colder. I was fortunate that most of the garden was bathed in the late Fall sunshine as I worked digging up tubers today. Since tonight's low is projected to be in the low 20's, I made the decision to dug up 4 rows. The buried tubers shouldn't be damaged by just a few nights in the low 20's but I wanted to have as many dug and stored safely in the shop as I could. I ended up digging 51 clumps. Working in the sunshine was actually quite pleasant. It wasn't until I got back up to the house, and hosed off the clumps in the shade, that I really got cold. Once again I have a busy after-work week of dividing, washing and storing tubers ahead. But the end is in sight. There's only 3 rows left to dig!

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