Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuber Digging - Weekend #3

With rain in the forecast for Sunday, I decided to skip my "dig 2 rows each day" program this week. Instead I tackled 3 rows today. The weather was fine - cloudy, overcast and cool. I sort of jumped around the garden today with my digging. I dug a row of Poms, a row of purples & pinks, and one row plus 4 of orange dahlias. After I got back to the house I trimmed all of the clumps and washed them with garden hose. They all went inside the shop to await final cutting, washing, bleaching, and wrapping.  I have now dug 59 varieties and roughly 10 rows. That leaves 8 rows to go!

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Barb said...

All that work will be so well worth it next year when the beautiful flowers are there to be enjoyed.