Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tuber Digging - Weekend #2

This weekend I was busy down in the big garden digging dahlia clumps once again. While the garden is a bit of a mess with all of the sprouting weeds and falling over dahlia plants, there is still a lot of pretty color to be found. It does make cutting down some of the dahlia plants difficult but there is still no hard freeze in sight on the 10-day forecast. If I want to have the whole garden dug and stored by Thanksgiving I need to keep going, pretty colors or not.

Here are 3 late season "Harvey Koop" blooms. Their form has fallen apart but their color is vibrant.

Before I cut down my one "Kelgai Ann" plant I had to cut off this bloom. It is just perfect, even in early November.

"Clearview David"


"Tahoma Hope"

"Alpen Chips"

On both Saturday and Sunday I dug two rows. The weather was so much nicer than last weekend. It was cloudy and cool but dry! I still have a long way to go on this project but I am finally getting some bare spots in the garden.

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Margaret said...

Wow - you are so diligent! I love the Harvey Koop dahlia - absolutely gorgeous colours!