Saturday, November 22, 2014


This is the second year we have had our Acer Palmatum "Emperor One". For most of the year it is covered with lacy, finely cut, dark red foliage. I am not a huge fan of red acers but I must admire this one. No matter how scorching and relentless the Summer sun, the leaves never fade. They were the same blood red color in September as they were in the Spring.

What I didn't remember from last year though, was the beautiful Fall color.

Suddenly, last week, the red leaves begun to turn lovely shades of orange and yellow. Within days the whole tree had transformed. Even nicer, the tree has only dropped a few leaves, allowing us to enjoy the full impact of this seasonal display.


Margaret said...

Lovely - the garden always gives us something new to discover, it seems!

Shaheen said...

Hi Lovely Lexa,
It was really lovely to hear from you.
I have come on over to wish you a Happy New Year, I do hope 2015 is a kind year to you. Take care for now and continue to share the colours in your garden space. Warmest of wishes, Shaheen