Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tuber Digging - Weekend #1

Today I started digging my dahlia tubers. I didn't pick the most ideal day to dig. It had been raining off and on quite hard for most of the morning. But I decided to go down to the garden around 12:30 during a break in the weather. I think I had dug up about 6 clumps when it started to sprinkle. Within a few minutes it turned to rain and then is just let loose! I ran under the fir trees, which will keep you fairly dry in a normal light rain. But the trees were no match for this downpour. I had water running down my nose and my hair was soaking wet. Just then I heard a car honk across the street from my garden. My Mom had driven down to rescue me! I went back to the house and dried off.  About an hour later I decided to venture out again. This time the rain held off and I finished digging for the day. I dug up the dahlias at 12 posts, 2 posts short of a full two rows. I got the clumps hauled back to the house and hosed them off. They are now in the shop, awaiting division. So begins the digging season!

*We ended up with .37 inches of rain today. I am so glad that I received a brand new pair of Bogs boots for my birthday!

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