Sunday, October 5, 2014

Early Fall Color

October means peak Fall color here in the Willamette Valley. This year it is a bit different however. Our hot and dry Summer has carried over into the Fall. With the exception of two wet days in September, we just haven't had any appreciable rainfall since the Spring. It is taking its toll on the trees. The early Fall color that we normally get with the Ash and Cottonwood trees has been almost nonexistent. The leaves are going from green to dark brown and immediately falling off. Ironically, the one plant that is still having a great Fall color display is the poison oak! Right now the forest is full of shiny, velvet red leaves. You have to admire its tenacity and beauty - just from a distance!


Mindy said...

Haha! It is pretty, isn't it? :) We drove through Hood River a couple week ago and it was all just barely starting to turn orange.

Margaret said...

Sounds like our summer a couple of years ago - it was hot, hot and we had only an inch or so of rain all summer. It was the first time I ever ended up watering the mature trees in our front yard as I could swear that even they were looking droopy.