Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Bouquets

My cut flower rows down in the big garden are really doing nicely. The plants are starting to get a bit tall and the rows are growing together. Instead of planned order, the whole cut flower area has "cottage garden" charm now.

Two fuchsia colored blooms of cosmos "kneehigh sonata mix".

A perfect white bloom of cosmos "Mixed seashells'. Most of the blooms on these plants do not have the perfectly tubular shaped petals. But the few blooms that do look like the picture on the seed packet are pretty cool.

A pair of white cosmos "kneehigh sonata mix".

My 5 plants of "Francis' Choice" marigolds are really looking great.

They are almost 4 feet tall now and are covered in bright bi-colored blooms.

Since rain was in the forecast for today, I cut 4 different bouquets for the house.

A beautiful dahlia bouquet made up of two "Red Velvet" blooms six "Pam Howden". So simple and so very pretty.

I also cut a generous handful of "Persian Carpet" zinnia blooms. Picked in mass, these little blooms make for such a pretty and long lasting bouquet.

My last little bouquet was made up entirely of "Francis' Choice" marigolds blooms. I wasn't sure how this would work but I was pleased with the results. It was bright and glowed with the colors of Fall.

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