Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wild Violets

In the "lawn" surrounding the big garden, I have a variety of violets that bloom each Spring. The first to bloom each year are the deep purple/violet ones. They are quickly followed by the pink violets. The last, and most abundant, are the white violets. I thought that I has missed most of the purple & pinks this year but I did find this lovely little purple one blooming just outside the garden gate.

Inside the garden, the white violets are just beginning their show.

I would guess that only half of them are open at this point. The rest are just appearing above their bed of grass and moss.


Cocker Ranch said...

did you buy the pink violets? I can't seem to find them anywhere..thanks Lynda

Lexa said...

No Linda, the violets are all growing wild in the lawn. I don't know if the original owner of the garden planted seed there long ago.