Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Sunday Walkabout

Sunday I took a walk around the property. This was my first walk around in a while and there were many, many signs of Spring. Down in the big garden, the trillium are getting larger. My favorites are the ones with the spotted leaves.

We also seem to have a number of solid leaf trillium.

The Osoberry, or Indian Plum, are the first "trees" to leaf out each year. As soon as the buds have broken, and the first bright green leaves appear, the plant sends out this lovely cascade of white flowers.

Right in the middle of the secret path, the large patch of shooting stars has returned. This is the only place on the property that we have shooting stars. The deer march up and down this path but fortunately shooting star plants appear to be pretty tough. I wonder if we will get any blooms this year?

Further down the path, the Veratrum, or Corn Lilies, grow thickly. This area is quite near the creek and is very wet and bog-like. This plant is extremely poisonous, but has such beautiful textured leaves as it emerges.

Across the creek, the Lamb's Tongues have suddenly appeared. I was just looking for them a week or two ago and couldn't find any. Now the pretty sets of leaves are up and the blossom stalk is forming. 

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