Saturday, March 30, 2013

The First 70 Degree Day of the Year!

Today was the day that you wait for all Winter long. The sky was blue, the birds were singing and it felt warm outside! Our official high today was 72 degrees, reached at 4:05 PM. By early afternoon I had switch from jeans & shoes to shorts & sandals. The cats were seeking some shade in which to sleep and everyone was happy.The only downside was I had so spend a great deal of my time inside the shop. Next Thursday is the first dahlia sale of the year and I really needed to spend today going through my stored tubers. As I slowly dug through my four boxes, I was pleased to find 99% of the tubers were in good shape. While some of the varieties have yet to "awaken", many, like the "Golden Star" pictured above, have broken their dormancy. The eyes have swollen and the initial shoot is starting to grow. So begins another dahlia year!

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