Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plant Nerd Night

Tonight we went to Plant Nerd Night, presented by the Eugene Garden Club. The club invites local specialty plant vendors to come and sell a selection of what they are carrying this year. Often they bring their "latest and greatest". A percent of the proceeds form the sale fund a scholarship program for the Garden Club. Beth and I went to Plant Nerd Night for the first time last year and had a fun time. This year Mom was able to join us. We got there right when the doors opened at 6:00 PM. I was disappointed to find that Log House Plants didn't come this year. I do love to see what Alice Doyle brings to sell. However there was still lots to see and enjoy. I ended up bringing home two plants:

Iochromoa "Royal Queen" purple tubeflower. This plant grows from 36-60 " in height. It covers itself with blooms that are sprays of deep purple tubes. Hummingbirds love this striking plant. Cool nighttime temperatures are needed for flowering all summer. Annual

Rudbeckia "Prairie Sun" An All-America Selection and Fleuroselect winner. Very large 6" distinctive flowers with light yellow tips on golden petals that encircle a green center. Branching 28-32" plants have strong stems. East to grow and maintain. Perennial

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