Sunday, March 3, 2013

Late Winter Sunshine & More Spring Promises

Now that March has arrived, the flower beds are really starting to come alive with color. It might still be Winter on the calendar but it looks like Spring outside.

We have a couple of different clumps of crocus. They haven't completely opened up since we haven't had any full sun but they are still beautiful closed up tight. I love the purple veining against the white petals.

The Iris Reticulata are always the first iris to bloom each year. They are small in stature but have wonderful, vivid colors.

This group of snowdrops are fighting their way out from underneath a grass clump.

A perfect clump of "tete-a-tete" daffodils.

We also have lots of bulbs growing in pots. Another pretty variety of iris reticulata.

Bright red cyclamen and sunny, yellow pansies.


Heather said...

So pretty, Lexa! My absolute favorite of the early bloomers is the snowdrop- perfectly lovely. I am enjoying the pops of color filling up the yard here too:)

Mindy said...

SO PRETTY!!! I used to have a clump of those mini iris, but lost them a couple years ago, darn it.

icebear said...

i love those irises the most, they are so vivid!