Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Outdoors

This past weekend I had a chance to do a bit of hiking around the property as I marched back and forth from the dahlia garden. Fall is officially here, wherever you look. The fir cones, which were soft and green a few months ago, have now dried. I love the geometry and patterns that make up each cone.

The wild honeysuckle can be difficult to see in the Summer. But by Fall, the plants have produced clusters of scarlet berries. Now the vines are quite visible, rambling through the trees and bushes.

The bracken fern have already turned a soft yellow and now are drying and turning brown. More great geometry in the forest.

The wild apple tree down by Dorothy's creek is almost void of fruit. The apples have transitioned from a lovely soft green with a pink blush to scarlet red. Most of the fruit has fallen off of the tree and been happily consumed by the deer.

This Vine Maple, down by a creek, is turning some pretty shades of red & purple. Unfortunately, most of the Vine Maple leaves on our property have dried and turned brown without going through this lovely stage. Three months with no rain was too stressful on the trees.

Our big maple next to our driveway is its full Fall glory. Thankfully, it seems to have survived this dry Summer and early Fall just fine. That canopy of golden yellow just glows in the sea of green that surrounds it.

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