Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dahlia Deluge

If the weather forecast is correct, we are going to get a big storm tonight with up to 2"of rain possible. With this in mind I made multiple trips down to the garden this weekend. Each time I brought an empty bucket and shears and returned home with a bounty of dahlia blooms, ready to arrange. I ended up with seven beautiful bouquets - an all-time record for me. That's what happens when you plant 238 dahlia tubers!

These three bouquets were created in pink-purple-white color groupings.

How sweet is this little bouquet, stuffed full of pompon dahlias!

These four bouquets used my red, orange, & yellow blooms - with a few pink thrown in.

This bouquet was created with just five perfect "Alfred Grille" blooms.

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Mindy said...

Wowee!!! That's pretty incredible. I'd LOVE to have those all over in my house! :) So pretty.