Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giants in the Mudroom Flowerbed

Last April 29th, I tackled a big project in the mudroom flowerbed. I lifted out most of the plants and added a great deal of new soil to the bed. Once I got it evenly filled and leveled, I organized and replanted the bed. Then I gave a strong "haircut" to the few perennials that I didn't move.

I am pleased to report that everything survived the upheaval and most of the plants have thrived in their new location. They all appreciated a little more elbow room too. In particular, two plants have really gone crazy with their growth this Summer.

If you look at the first picture, you can make out two little plants of Salvia Guaranitica "Black & Blue". For the first time in many years, we had two plants over-winter. They were both small, 2-3 inches in height. I dug them up and re-planted them near each other. Now, six moths later, the plants have grown together and created one enormous salvia. It is over four feet high and has been covered in beautiful blooms all Summer. We haven't ever grown a Black & Blue Salvia of this size before.

The long, tubular flowers have been a hummingbird favorite. Their blue color is such a pretty contrast to the lime green coloring of the leaves.

The other "giant" in the mudroom bed this year is the Salvia Microphylla 'La Trinidad Pink" . It was a really big, happy plant last year too. I gave the plant a major, hard trimming this Spring and was a bit worried that I might have cut it back too much. I shouldn't have been concerned! As it has every year, it grew like crazy and has taken over a lot of real estate. It is another favorite of the hummingbirds who love its hot pink flowers. It has been blooming constantly since July and will continue until we receive a hard frost.

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