Saturday, October 20, 2012

October at the Farmer's Market

I finally made it back down to the Lane County Farmer's Market today. It has been over six weeks since my last visit and so much has changed. We are now almost a month into Fall. All of the "classic" Fall produce was present but there was still a strong showing of the Summer crops. Frankly, I think there is more abundance at the Market right now, in the middle of October, than at any other time.

Sweet Potatoes, a favorite of mine, have arrived. This vendor had three different varieties for sale.

As you would expect, there were apples for sale everywhere. It is always interesting to see all of the different varieties that are available and read the descriptions of each.

I am always a bit surprised to see fresh ginger for sale. It is so unique looking and completely different in appearance then what is sold at the supermarket.

This creative florist was using hollowed out pumpkins as containers for her arrangements.

Beautiful flint corn. This variety originated with the Abenaki people of Maine.

I loved the signage at this Market stand. Beautiful & informative.

\They also produced a sign for their pepper collection.

Brussel Spouts are another Fall & early Winter favorite.

A heaping basket of Parsnips. I need to try roasting some this year.

Like apples, pears were also in abundance.

The late-season potatoes looked good too.

And how could you resist fresh caught Chinook Salmon or Rock Fish?

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icebear said...

Almost as beautiful as your dahlias :>