Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vegetable Bed Update

The cold, wet weather marches on and so does the progress in the vegetable bed. Thank goodness I planted these cold weather crops this Spring! They might be the only vegetable success story this year. As you can see, the radish bed has almost filled in completely and it is time to get harvesting.

The "Pink Punch" radish have really sized up the last few weeks. They still have the largest leaves of all three varieties that I am trying this year.

I think that the "Plum Purple" are just an amazingly pretty color. We'll see what they taste like!

The "Rudolf"  radish are showing a bit of a tendency toward cracking and splitting.

Both varieties of onions are doing well. You can see the beginnings of the red bulbs on the "Red Bull" onions pictured above.

I haven't pulled back the remay fabric over the lettuce bed in over a week. I was so pleased to see all of the growth that had occurred during that time.

The "Australe" lettuce is really lovely. The deep green leaves are slowly getting more and more copper red highlights each week.

And the "Winter Density" lettuce is the bright color of spring green. They are really thriving under the protective cover of the remay. It is not only stopping the bird damage, but it also helping to minimize the rain damage too. All of the lettuce plants are clean as opposed to the poor radish leaves which are covered with dirt from the hard rains.


Denise said...

Wow, your lettuce looks great. It's getting too hot here for it, mine is about to start bolting I think!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your radishes and lettuce look wonderful--well done! I have had such trouble with my vegetable starts this year. Everything germinated well indoors, and then a little aphid-like fly got to them and continues to decimate them. It was too cold to harden off for so long, I kept trying to wait, but finally I put everything outside, in hopes of getting rid of these bugs. I sprayed with soap and everything, to no avail. The flower starts were excellent, however, and didn't have any trouble with this pest. I think I may actually have to buy a few veggi starts--haven't had to do that in several years. Plus the weather hadn't cooperated by getting warm yet, which didn't help. Ah, the joys of gardening in the Pacific Northwest! I may just focus on cool-season crops this year, for the entire summer.

Thanks for stopping by my blog--it is appreciated!

debbie said...

i love your pictures! they look great! we are still cold here, whenever the sun decides to come out the plants leap towards it!hahah