Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rainstorm and a Vegetable Garden Update

Around 4:00 PM a major rain/hail storm came to town. When I stepped outside for the first time at work around 4:40 PM the streets were full of standing water and it was still raining hard. When I checked our rain gauge around 9 PM, it had exactly 1" of rainwater. That's a lot of rain in a short time for this part of the world.

My vegetable garden survived the storm just fine. The only "damage" was the hard rain splattered dirt up onto all of the radish leaves. But that will soon wash off. We were fortunate to have missed most of the hail. As you can see, these red "Rudolf" radish are starting to size up. It wont be too long before I can finally harvest some of them.

The "Pink Punch" radish are also finally starting to grow.

And I love the color on these "Plum Purple" radish. They have had the slowest root growth amongst the three varieties but have the largest leaves of all three. 

The lettuce are still tucked away under the remay hoop house, so they aren't showing any side effects from the rainstorm. The "Australe" red butterhead is finally getting some pretty red coloring on its leaves.

And how sweet are these little "Winter Density" Cos!  

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