Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Busy Saturday

Another busy Saturday today. This is the third Saturday in a row that I have been up by 7:00 AM. I need to quit that soon! After helping at out at a dahlia tuber sale most of the morning, Beth and I made it down to the Farmers Market around 11:30 AM. It was hopping! I think everyone in Eugene has decided that if it isn't raining, its a good day! Even if it's cold and overcast - that's how desperate we are getting. It was funny to see everyone still dressed in jeans, fleece, and jackets in the middle of May.

The Market was full of beautiful vegetable starts. I was good and didn't bring anything home. I really need to sit down and make a master plan still. That is one of my goals for the upcoming week. Then maybe I will be able to indulge next weekend.

Mountain View Farm out of Junction City has a wonderful selection of vegetable varieties.

Some lovely heads of "Red Sails" Lettuce.

The star of the week was new potatoes. Almost every farm stand had a basket or two and the shoppers were gobbling them up!

There were also an abundance of beautiful flowers. We were tempted so pick up another hanging fuchsia basket.

And the bouquets were packet with bright, Spring flowers.

Back at home we finished off the garden gate project. Earlier in the week my Dad took the gate off the post and brought it home. He sanded it down and covered both sides with a fresh coat of Mystical Blue paint from the Home Depot. I picked out that color 9 years ago and still love it! Dad also replaced some of the screws that were covered in rust and painted the hinges a clean steel grey. Everything looks brand new again. This afternoon the paint had finished drying so we drove the gate back down to the big garden and hung it back up on the post. It looks great.

Back up at the house I decided to check on the Zinnia seeds that I planted Tuesday night. When I lifted off the plastic dome lid I was amazed to find some germinated seed! I had 4 "Bling Bling" up and 3 "Zahara Double Cherry".  What a nice surprise!

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