Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

This morning Beth and I went down to the Farmer's Market. As always, one of the first things to catch my eye were the flowers. Mid-June is an amazing time for cut flowers. Many of my favorites are at their peak. I was immediately drawn to the bundles of sweet peas. They have one of my favorite scents.

With our cool, wet weather, the peonies were still for sale at almost every flower stall.

All the bouquets were just beautiful.

On the food front, the strawberries were looking good. Lots of people were buying whole flats to take home to process into jams & jellies. I bought a pint just for snacking!

Since my last visit to the Market, the latest "newcomers" are raspberries and cherries.

And we also found a couple farms selling the season's first Cherry & Plum Tomatoes. With the weather that we have had, I would think that these would have to have been grown in  a greenhouse.

And I just liked this pile of garlic scapes. Such great geometry.

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Beth said...

Great pixs! Especially like your floral shots.