Tuesday, June 15, 2010

199 dahlias in pots..0 planted!

Well, the weather has dried out a bit. It hasn't rained since Friday and that in itself is a big victory. Unfortunately, it also hasn't really warmed up much. With the exception of Saturday, we seem to be stuck in the low 70's. The big garden is still too wet to rototill at this point, so that means my 199 dahlias are still up at the house growing away in their 1 gallon pots. So far the deer haven't nibbled on any. Tonight's count had 169 of them up.

These dahlias were planted first so they are naturally the tallest now.

This variety is called Crazy for Jessie. It is a new one for me this year and I am excited to grow it. Its form is Incurved Cactus, one of my favorites.

Maybe this is why the deer are staying away...not!


zentmrs said...

That's a lot of dahlias! My sister grows them - they are beautiful. I can inagine yours are going to look fantastic soon!

~Holly~ said...

Wowzas! That's a whole lotta dahlias! I love them! Good luck, I'll bet they'll be gorgeous!

Melinda said...

Your weather sounds a lot like ours! Very frustrating! When all those dahlias bloom it will be breathtaking!

Jami said...

I've never known anyone to grow so many dahlias. :-) Do you sell them?

I'll be looking forward to seeing them in bloom at the Tuesday Garden Party!

Lexa said...

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! 199 is alot of dahlias, but I just keep finding new varieties I want to grow. I am not very good a saying no! Hopefully, buy eary August I will have pictures to post of all the blooming plants.