Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Day of Planting

This morning I went down to the garden and started by planting 12 more dahlias. The weather was sunny and warm and it was so nice to work outside. After I got the dahlias all settled in, I planted 4 rows of seeds. The first 2 rows are "Hutterite Soup Bean". This is a new variety for me to try this year. The bean seeds were on the smaller side and a very pretty soft yellow with a white eye. I hope to grow these and harvest them for use as dry soup beans. I also put up another bean tower and planted more "Bingo" Pole Beans. It will be interesting to compare the growth and production of this tower compared to the tower up at the house in the vegetable bed. I also put in 2 rows of flowers. I planted "Persian Carpet" Zinnias and "Polka Dots Mix" Bachelor Buttons. I grew "Persian Carpet" Zinnias years ago and really loved them. And I always grow bachelor buttons, just like my cousin Kristi. She's in Michigan now but we both grow bachelor buttons and think of each other. That's one of the neat things about gardens; a conection to others.

Here is one of my 2 rows of "Hutterite Soup Bean" waiting to be covered and watered in well.

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