Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Soggy Day..but the end is in sight!

Another June day, another storm passing through dropping torrential amounts of water. I was outside, looking at my potted dahlias tubers, when the wind started howling and the first few rain drops hit my face. By the time I made it safely under the front porch, the sky had let loose. Yet again. Ever since Sunday, May 15th, the weather turned from Spring back to late Winter. The last 3 weeks have brought steady grey skies and amazing rain totals. Both May and the young month of June have broken all-time rain accumulation records. A friend of mine in Oregon City reported that a bucket he left out one month ago now has 11 inches of standing water in it ! The only reason I am not in complete despair and crying ( besides the fact that would just add more water to the ground) is because the end appears in site. Today is suppose to be our last stormy day. Tomorrow shows the transition to just cloudy weather and then the 10-day forecast shows nothing but sunshine and warmer temperatures. Hurray! But until then..

Rain pouring of the roof into the gutters.

Flowerbeds full of over-saturated, soggy soil and puddles.

Windows covered in raindrops

And rain gauge showing yet another inch of rain the last 24 hours !


Dan@retrooregon,com said...

I'm with you, here in Salem. I can not wait for some sun to get all my plants fired up and growing! What a "spring"!

~Holly~ said...

I see I've found a fellow Pacific NW-terner! Is there no end to the dreary weather??