Monday, January 11, 2016

Tree Planting

We took advantage of the dry weather today to replace our Maple Tree in the front flowerbed. The old maple, which I had "accidentally" grown from a volunteer seedling pulled from my Aunt's flowerbed years ago, had died over the past twelve months. It initially was stressed when we pulled it from its long-term bucket and planted it - finally - in the ground. Then it suffered through two cold spells. The bark on it split up the trunk and then the tree slowly died. Fast forward to late Fall. A local nursery specializing in maples was going out of business. Mom came home with this lovely Acer Palmatum "Shidava Gold". Today we pulled out the old Maple and planted out our new treasure. Right now, in the dead of Winter, it has lovely yellow bark on much of its canopy. In the Spring it is suppose to be covered in pea-green leaves that change to light green in the Summer and clear yellow in the Fall. It is considered to be a dwarf Maple and will top out around 6' in height which will be just perfect for this front flowerbed.

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