Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Walk

We started off the New Year by heading out into a very chilly, but sunny morning to take a hike around the Delta Ponds. The parking lot was pretty empty and we ran into only a few other hardy birders out enjoying the crisp, clear weather. During our 1 1/2 hour walk, we were fortunate to view a lot of different birds, especially waterfowl. But my favorite are always the Great Blue Herons and I was excited that we found four during our hike. The one pictured sitting above looked at cold as we felt! But the heron in the second picture, below, was intent on catching something for breakfast. He was so focused on the water, just waiting for a fish or frog to swim by. While I was glad to get back into the warm car by the end of our walk, our outing was a really nice way to ring in the New Year.

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Shaheen said...

Happy New Year Lexa.
A couple of weeks back just before the break up for the festive holidays we saw a Heron, it was such a delight to see - sitting there so gracefully - a bit unusual too, as it was perched on top of someones roof just on the outskirts of the city. Very amusing.