Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Garlic is Up!

Above, a new "Chesnook Red" garlic plant.

As I walked by the kitchen garden today, a bit of green caught my eye. Upon a closer review I discovered that much of my garlic has sprouted! I did a count; in the kitchen garden all 15 of my "Chesnook Red" are up and 2 of the 18 "Music" have sprouted. Across the patio, in the overflow garden, 3 of the 6 "Russian Red" garlic are up. Since I planted so very late this year, I am quite pleased to see anything coming up at all. I am also not too worried at this point with the low number of "Music" plants. The bulbs were quite dehydrated when I separated them into cloves for planting, so I expected it would take them some extra time to re-hydrate before growing. Fingers crossed in a week or two the rest of the "Music" will be pushing through the soil.

Below, a row of "Chesnook Red".

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