Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poof..and They were gone!

So, it was just Sunday when I transplanted my 4 "Bright Bandolier" sunflower starts that I had grown from seed. And I am here to report that when I went to check on them Monday night, there was only one to be found! Yes, three of my four plants are completely gone! I am pretty sure that a few quail came into the bed and nibbled on them. Whatever small parts of the sunflowers that they didn't eat probably got swept away from their constant scratching in the dirt. My lone survivor was planted on the other side of the bigger volunteer plants and managed to survive. It does have some bird damage. I am just hoping that its growing tip is o.k.


Beth said...

Quail - you're blaming the nice quail? I think it was Solomon!

Rhonda Gales said...

Sorry to hear about your plants. I successfully started sunflowers this year and transplanted them into my garden. Big accomplishment for me, as I wasn't able to grow one last year. At least you have a few volunteers to enjoy.