Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mowing & Lots of Planting

We finally fell out of the 80's today. The high hit "only" 76. We did have clouds roll in and out all day and it felt very muggy outside if you were doing any kind of physical labor. I started the day down in the big garden. We mowed all around the garden, inside and out. Then I planted both 4" pots of "Grandpa Ott" and "Scarlet O'Hara" morning glories. Each pot had 3 plants so I ended up with 6 nice starts of each. The ground was very hard right next tot he trellis. It took a lot of digging and water before I was able to get all six plants settled into place. After I returned home I got to work in the kitchen garden. I planted my two 4" pots of "Heavenly Blue" morning glories next to the leaf trellis.

Then I planted all four tomatoes that I purchased yesterday. I am feeling quite smug to have planted everything that purchased yesterday in only one day!

It is hard to believe that this "Black Krim" tomato, by the end of the growing season, will be taller than me and will have produced dozens of large fruit.

You can clearly see where the graft was made on this tomato. It is important, just like with roses, to keep the graft line above the soil level.

And here is my grafted "Chocolate Stripes" tomato.

After all of the tomatoes were in, I switched my attention to the other morning glory tower. This tower was covered in "Mixed Colors" Pink and "Feringa" morning glory plants last year. While I collected a lot of seed at the end of the season, even more fell to the ground. Now I have seedlings popping up all over the area. I dug up quite a few and spaced them around the tower. Now, with some more water and sunshine, I should have another great display again this year.

A close up of a volunteer morning glory. I won't know what variety it is until it blooms later in the Summer.

The winter squash seeds that I planted a week ago really came barreling up today. By the end of the day I had 4 of these "Delicata" germinated.

I also had four "Guatemalan Blue Banana" by the evening. I only have space for two plants in my kitchen garden, so I need to find a good home for the extras.

My final gardening project of the day was to continue working on the dahlias. I potted up 29 more tubers today so I now have an even 50 completed. While I still have a long way to go, it feels good to have made some headway this weekend. Now, we will just have to see if we finally get some rainfall tomorrow, as forecast.


Unknown said...

Great job with the planting. It alwayse amaises me when people actually plant Morning Glories. Here in virginia they are a weed. They re-seed from year to year and are almost as hard to kill as wire grass. They can cover an entire raised bed in one season and make it impossable to grow any thing productive. But if you enjoy them who am I to say. I do enjoy your blog

A gardening Friend
Frank from Virginia

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