Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plant Purchases & Potting Up the Dahlias

Another beautiful, warm day. We hit a high of 86 - that's just crazy for early May. I started the day off working the Avid Gardener's Sale at Alton Baker Park. After I finished my two hour shift, I did a little shopping. I purchased three grafted Tomatoes from Log House Plants. I bought (1) "Black Krim", (1) "Sweet Million" & (1) "Chocolate Stripes". After I left the plant sale I then drove to Down to Earth. There I picked up one more tomato, a plant of "Early Cascade". 

On a whim I decided to see if they had any morning glory plants for sale. I knew from past years that they didn't start selling them until June, after the weather had warmed. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection already for sale.I guess because of our warm weather the last two weeks, Log House decided to release them to the retailer outlets earlier than normal. I picked up six plants; two each of "Heavenly Blue", "Grandpa Ott", & "Scarlet O'Hara".

After I got home I started potting up my dahlia tubers. I started with my new tubers; those varieties that I  purchased from commercial growers or from our society tuber sales. I didn't make too much progress but I now have my first 21 in pots.

When I checked on my seedling in the green house tonight I found that all six "Bright Bandolier" sunflowers had pushed off their seed  caps and fully opened today. Nothing like growing some sunflowers for instant satisfaction!

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