Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The "Princess Diana" Clematis in Full Bloom

 I posted on June 9th that the "Princess Diana" clematis had set buds this year. Since it didn't bloom last year, the year that we purchased the plant, we were excited to finally see it in bloom. And I can report that it was worth the wait! It has been blooming for about a week now and is still producing new buds at the top of the plant. We should have new blooms to enjoy for at least another two weeks.

The blooms are bell shaped and are pretty even before they open. As you can see, the blooms are a hot pink/red color with white in the reverse seams. At this stage they look a little bit like tulips.

Here's a newly opened bloom.

In this picture you can see all of the bloom stages, from green buds to fully open blooms. Also, look at the stems at the top. All of the newer growth is a shiny copper red, another neat feature of this clematis


Sue Garrett said...

We have this clematis too and it is always loaded with flowers - it's quite vigorous even though it is cut to the ground each year in early spring,

Mindy said...

SO pretty!

candice said...

nice! I have a burgundy colored one I am training over my porch! only a couple blooms so far.