Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Rolf Fiedler" Ipheion Peregrinans

You might remember last Fall I heard a talk given by the owner of Cherry Creek Daffodils. After the talk there were lot of interesting bulbs for sale and we had to buy a few to try. After a very busy Fall and early Winter I finally got all of our purchases planted on January 8th. Thankfully almost all of the bulbs still looked good as I settled them into their new home. The last bulb to sprout this Spring was the Ipheion Peregrinans "Rolf Fiedler". I had almost given up when tiny green shoots appeared about six weeks ago. This last week the first two blooms opened. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of torrential rains at the time and both tiny bloom stalks were flatten to the ground. But today the third bloom opened and we can actually enjoy it! It's a lovely little star flower in two shades of blue/purple.The stem in no more than 3" tall. It's a petite little gem for the front of a flowerbed. It will be interesting to watch my two bulbs in future years and see if they increase.

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