Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sixth Tilling!

This afternoon Dad and I headed down to the big garden for another attempt at tilling the garden. After our horrible experience last Monday, where the garden was worse after- then before we tilled - I wasn't sure what to expect today. I am happy to report that we are making some progress! The garden is still far from perfect but it is much drier than it was a week ago. The clay clods are half as big and half as frequent as last week. I am also pleased that we were finally able to successfully roto-till in the compost that we dumped on the wet end last week. The soil had dried sufficiently enough that the tractor didn't sink and the compost mixed in with the clay soil nicely. It made a marked improvement at that end. Now I am going to wait a few days and see how the soil surface looks. If it dries enough to form a firm surface I am going to start laying out the garden. If not, we will have to do one more tilling!

While I was waiting for Dad and the tiller to arrive in the garden I spied this doe directly behind the back garden fence. I couldn't figure out why she wasn't running quickly away as the tractor arrived. But then I spied, hidden in the tall grass, her two twin fawns. I couldn't get a good picture of them because they were almost completely hidden in the tall grass. They couldn't be more that  a few days old.

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Rhonda Gales said...

Isn't it amazing that these beautiful creatures, can wreck havoc on a garden. Beautiful picture!