Monday, February 27, 2012

The Seed Packets Begin to Arrive

 Today, the first of the seeds that I ordered over the Internet last week arrived. The first envelop that I opened was from Abundant Life Seeds out of Cottage Grove, OR. They are owned by the same folks as Territorial Seeds but specialize in organic, bio-dynamic, sustainably grown seeds. I only ordered one packet from them but it was a variety I couldn't find anywhere else. Last year, the "Delicata" plants that I grew from seed languished and I ended up buying 2 seedlings at the farmer's market. They were "Bush Delicata" and I really appreciated their compact growing habit. They produced just as many fruit as my regular "Delicata" did but took up a great deal less space.

Winter Squash "Bush Delicata" - 80 days.This AAS winner has a tidy bush habit reaching 4-6 feet. The 1 1/2 pond oblong fruit have creamy white skin with green stripes and flecks.The flesh is smooth with a sweet nutty flavor. Tolerant of powdery mildew. Bred at Cornell University."

The other order that arrived came from Seeds of Change. They carry only 100% certified organic seed which I appreciate. Because of this, their seeds do cost a bit more but I think they are absolutely worth it. Seeds of Change also carries many unique varieties not available anywhere else. From them I ordered:

Shallot "Ed's Red Shallot" -  100 days. Used fresh like scallion sin France, while finished bulbs store through the winter. Beautiful red skin and interior. Each seed produces a 1-2" bulb with three lobes.

Onion "Parade Bunching" - 70-80 days. Very uniform variety with dark green foliage and little to no bulbing. Vigorous grower and a mild, pleasing onion flavor. 8-11" in length."

Marigold "Red Matamorph Marigold" 75-85 days. 2-3' tall. A stunning selection by Alan Kapular from the Double Pinwheel lineage. Deep red petals accentuated by burnt orange underpetals. As temperatures increase, petals become more orange and yellow striped, returning to red burgundy with the onset of cooler fall weather. Valuable contribution to a flower garden or as a complement to a vegetable garden, it forms a gorgeous, thick hedge attracting numerous insects and other wildlife."

Marigold "Frances' Choice" 70-80 days. 4-5' tall. A dramatic and incredibly prolific hedge type marigold makes an ideal garden companion and lovely long stemmed cut flower. Selected by Alan Kapuler in honor of Frances Hoffman, a great, yet unsung, horticulturist and champion of biodiversity.

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Robin said...

It's so exciting when the seeds arrive in the mail!

Happy Planting to you!