Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Few Seed Purchases - Let the New Gardening Year Begin!

Sunday I took a quick trip into town to Down to Earth. The purpose of my visit was to pick up some liquid Kelp fertilizer. Did I stop with just that purchase? Of course not! I was immediately drawn over to the beautiful seed racks. As the hand drawn sign above the cash-wrap area said "Seeds are Here! Yippee!".

Down to Earth carries a terrific variety of seed from  many, many different seed companies. I am especially pleased that they have sold and supported the Seed Savers Exchange for the past few years. And they also carry a large display of Renee's Garden. Renee's garden does not print a catalog so you can only order on-line and at Retail locations. As I have stated in many past posts, Renee's Garden seeds is one of my very favorites companies so it's terrific that Down to Earth carries such a large selection for me to admire - and buy!

So, what fell into my basket you ask...

Sunflower "Ring of Fire" - See Savers Exchange -Dark Centered blooms are 4-5" across with petals that gradually fade from a dark red base to golden yellow tips.Branching habit with long side stems, one of the best varieties for cut flowers. Plants grow 5-6' tall. 60 Days

Scallions " Delicious Duo" - Renee's Garden - A unique blend of tender crisp "Green Feast" & "Red Robin" scallions with straight stalks and juicy flesh. Perfect to Spring plant and harvest well into Summer. Pull them as needed to eat fresh for weeks. 65 Days

Spinach - "Charger F1" - Seeds of Change - Hardy annual 6-10" plant. This hybrid variety produces an upright fast growing baby leaf spinach with smooth, medium green, oval leaves that are resistant to mildew. 40 Days

Radish - "Cherry Belle" - Territorial Seed Company -A tasty, round, brilliant red radish with crisp white flesh. Tolerant of poor soils, retains tenderness, resists pithiness. 1949 All America Selection Winner. 22 Days

Hollyhock -"Halo Apricot" - Territorial Seed Company - Perennial. Rich coral petals and striking wine centers.Plants reach 6-8 feet tall. Flower spikes reach a towering 6-8 feet tall, reliably blooming the first year from seed, and showing their color from summer through fall

So there you have it! The first purchases of the year, but certainly not the last!

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Brainna Mcslacker said...

Awesome blog. I just stumbled upon your blog. What kind of seeds you’re using?
non GMO seedsor GMO seeds?