Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daffodil Update

The daffodils have really been putting on a lot of growth the last few weeks. Many varieties are now up that hadn't pushed through the soil line even a week ago. And those that were already up are growing profusely. As you can see in the above picture, the Early Sensation" daffodils now are showing color in their buds. It won't be too long before they are blooming. It is interesting to note that as warm and mild as we feel like this year has been, the "Early Sensations" were in full bloom last year on February 6th.

I was excited to see nine of the twelve "Las Vegas" daffodil bulbs that I planted last fall have now come up. The bulbs looked healthy when I planted them but you always worry a bit.

The "Tete-a-tete" narcissus in the mudroom bed have now produced their bloom stalks.

And the "Kokopelli" narcissus that we planted January 8th have just pushed up through the soil line. I am glad to see them doing well since we were so late getting them planted. It will be fun this year to have some new varieties to watch and see bloom for the first time.

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