Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hellebore Open House

This morning, right after breakfast we headed out to Northwest Garden Nursery for their annual Hellebore Open House. This fun event is our yearly chance to buy some amazing hellebore plants that have been hybridized and raised by nursery owners Ernie & Marietta O'Byrne and tour their amazing display gardens. The O'Byrnes are famous world-wide for the work they have done with Hellebores. Besides the traditional single bloom, the O'Byrnes have created plants with double blooms, unique flowers colors and upward-facing blooms. No matter how many plants you might already have in your garden, you will always find one or two new hellebores that will tempt you to take them home.

How about this double, chartreuse bloom tipped in maroon?

This was another new color combination to me - cream and chartreuse green.

One of my favorites are the double, white petals flecked with burgundy.

After we made our purchases and took them to the car we began walking the display gardens. The skies immediately turned dark and it began to pour rain. The temperature plummeted and then the hail began! After about ten minutes of some very soggy garden viewing we gave up and returned to the car. There's always next year!

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Mindy said...

Oh my gosh, how could you not come home with one of each!?!? They're SO pretty!!! I don't know why they have to be so dang expensive. I only have two so far and they both came from my mom's plants, which so generously reseeded.
Dang rain - it has a knack for ruining things.