Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprise Visitors

Last night, as I was walking back up to the house from the big garden, I heard a bunch of noise coming from the large Fir Tree where our big bird feeder hangs. I didn't think too much about it because this tree is frequented by Grey Squirrels who love to run up and down the tree chasing one another. But the noise persisted and I took a closer look. I was shocked to see four or five baby raccoons come straight down the tree!

 They were all moving so much I never did get an exact count but I know I saw four at once. I was so amazed how they could walk straight down the tree with such ease. As I got a bit closer to them I wonder where their mother was because they were so small. Then I got pretty close to take the picture on the right and heard a growl. And that's when Mama raccoon popped up from the back side of the wood pile that sits next to the tree! So I backed away and continued homeward. I was really glad that I had my camera to capture those sweet babies.

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